I grew up in Upstate New York where my favorite month of October is both magical and terrifying. I’ve loved reading stories that tilt to the dark side for as long as I can remember.

Now I write my own.

I live on the historical dirt of a rural Texas cattle ranch, and the porches on my 100 year farmhouse are painted “haint blue” just in case. If you listen closely, the night air whispering through these old fields, has a lot to say. My stories are influenced by extensive travel, and an appreciation for homegrown horror and superstition

Other passions include cooking, travel, sewing, DYI home projects, and dancing with my favorite demons.

I have a large blended family who contribute to my sanity most of the time.

I started writing in Jan 2020. I entered a short story contest sponsored by a noted publishing company. At the time, I knew little about editing, acceptable formatting, or proper anything regarding a “professional story submission.” I sent my manuscript off anyway, and of course, received a rejection, along with a kind note of encouragement praising my “raw talent and imagination.” So, I kept writing, focusing on the craft through classes and workshops, doing a mentorship with Crystal Lake Publishing, and spending many hours in front of a screen, breathing life into my characters and stories.

My “hobby” helped me navigate the isolation of rural life during a pandemic. I’m now connected to a wonderful circle of friends and readers all over the world, who make the work fun on a daily basis.

In my opinion, writing is the hardest and best “job” in the world, and I’m grateful everyday to be a small part of a special community. Other passions include cooking, travel, sewing, and dancing with my demons.

My current work in progress includes a solo novel, I intend to be a unique twist on a classic theme, and an exciting collaboration novel, an exciting project spanning an ocean full of sorcery and secrets!

Published Work to date:

February 2020: “The Pumpkin Men” my first published story in Books of Horror Community Anthology Vol I Crimson Pinnacle Press *Over 100 5-star reviews on Amazon

May 2020: ” Strawberry Moon” and “Come September” a memorable pair of short stories in “Dark Solstice” Dark Holiday Horror Series Macabre Ladies Publishing/Also in Audio

July 2020: “Ninety Eight Point Six” Parts one and two of fashionable horror in “Drabbles of Dread” Volume I Macabre Ladies Publishing

September 2020: “Devotion” and “The Smell of Cinnamon” with other unusual holidays in”Dark Celebration”  Dark Holiday Horror Series Macabre Ladies Publishing /Also in Audio.

October 2020: “Plain Jane” a cautionary tale regarding beauty and pain in Books of Horror Community Anthology II Crimson Pinnacle Press *Over 100 5-star reviews on Amazon

October 2020: “Alistair” and “Sanguine Moon” celebrate the season in “Dark Halloween” Dark Holiday Horror Series Macabre Ladies Publishing

December, 2020: “Doll”, “Waxed Thread” and “Beth” featured in “Extreme Drabbles of Dread” Volume II I traveled into dark corners for these little horrors. Macabre Ladies Publishing

February 2021: “Cake,” “Witch Ball,” and “Clean Cut” otherworldly horror in Supernatural Drabbles of Dread Volume III Macabre Ladies Publishing

February 2021: “The Contract” an original game of greed with a deadly outcome featured in “It’s All Fun and Games Until Somebody Dies.” D&T Publishing LLC

April 2021: “Criss Cross Girls” one of my favorite stories about a young Texas water-witch in “Good Southern Witches” a brilliantly diverse anthology. Curious Blue Press

May 2021: “O is for Opera Glasses” family ties that bind and choke in Volume III of “The ABC’S of Terror.” D&T Publishing, LLC.

June 2021: “Midnight at the Glass Slipper” My twisted re-telling of the Cinderella story in “Fairy Tale Horrorshow” Crimson Pinnacle Press.

July 2021: “Tiny Danger” Demon Seamstress for the Band included in”Do You Fear Like We Do?” A collection spanning the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s “Rock and Roll Nightmares” The 70’s edition of music and mayhem features my story. Staci Layne Wilson Publisher/Also in Audio

October 2021: “Calliope Nightshade Presents” her troupe of demonic dancers hellbent on revenge in Books of Horror Community Anthology III Volume I of a two volume series. Crimson Pinnacle Press

October 2021: “Don’t Judge A Book” or Maria Rossi, dressed in sensible shoes and a cardigan in “The Dire Circle” A Black Zodiac Anthology D&T Publishing LLC

October 2021: “Neither Here Nor There” my story will take you to the crossroads, where dark bargains are made in “Twisted Legends: An Urban Legend Anthology” Crimson Pinnacle Press

December 2021: “The Piebird” serves up a slice of delicious terror in the bakery-themed anthology “Baker’s Dozen.” Uncomfortably Dark Press

January 2022: My first solo novella “The New Girls’ Patient” terrible secrets of the past wreak havoc on a young woman’s future. D&T Publishing LLC.