I grew up in Upstate New York where my favorite month of October is both magical and terrifying.

I write dark speculative and horror fiction. Extensive travel, superstition, and backyard boogeymen influence my characters and settings.

My work is published in numerous successful anthologies, all of which are available on Amazon. Solo and collaborative works are now a priority following the release of my novella, ‘The New Girls’ Patient’ and my debut collaborative novel, ‘Delevan House’.

I live on a cattle ranch in Texas with my husband and his animals.

Other passions include cooking, travel, sewing, DYI home projects, and dancing with my favorite demons.

I have a large blended family who contribute to my sanity most of the time.

In my opinion, writing is the hardest and best “job” in the world, and I’m grateful everyday to be a small part of a special community.

My writing career has expanded into a magical collaboration with fellow writer, Natasha Sinclair who lives in Scotland. We share our literary journey as a team over on Brazen Folk Horror. Read our debut novel, Delevan House now. Book II of our trilogy is scheduled for release Winter 2023.

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