I grew up in Upstate New York where my favorite month of October can be both magical and terrifying. I’ve loved reading stories that tilt to the dark side for as long as I can remember. Now I write my own.

I live on a cattle ranch in rural Texas, and the porches on my 100 year farmhouse are painted “haint blue” just in case. If you listen closely the night air whispering through these old fields has a lot to say. My stories are influenced by extensive travel, everyday unusual, and an appreciation for homegrown horror and superstition.

My work in progress include the first novel in an intended trilogy, and a collection of short stories.

Other passions include cooking, travel, sewing, DYI home projects, and dancing with my favorite demons. I have a large family that contributes to my sanity most of the time.

Miss “Elly Cynders” drawn for me by the incredible Mar Garcia.

RELEASING FRIDAY JUNE 4,2021 on AMAZON in e-book, paperback, and soon to be hardcover!

From Crimson Pinnacle Publishing and a gathering of some remarkable authors, this collection, inspired by classic fairy tales, is creative, cool, dark, and delicious!

Of course, you’ve heard the stories, but you’ve never read anything quite like these original re-tellings brushed with a twist of horror.

My featured story, “Midnight at the Glass Slipper” is my version of a forever favorite “Cinderella.”

You’ll love meeting “Elly Cynders” and her “family,” some are very interesting, to say the least!

Coming Spring 2021!

“Good Southern Witches” Now available in paperback on Amazon, physical copy releasing April 13,2021. Also at Barnes and Noble and your local indie bookseller! You’ll meet some of the most diverse and unique witches hailing from the Southern USA. My story, “Criss Cross Girls” is a personal favorite! https://amz.run/4Mxc

Delighted to be a selected Author for inclusion in, “The ABC’S of TERROR Volume III by D&T Publishing.

This dynamic series features stories about haunted objects! I’ve been assigned the letter “O” and work is in progress. UPDATE: My story, “O is for Opera Glasses” will publish in the third edition of this best selling anthology in May, 2021.

The first book is available now with the second edition releasing in Fall 2020: https://amz.run/3YKr

Now Available on Amazon! My stories, “Clean Cut,” “Cake,” and “Witch Ball” will be included in the third edition of the “Drabbles of Dread Supernatural”Macabre Ladies Publishing. Available Mid-February 2021.https://amz.run/4Mxb

Now Available on Amazon! Also coming in February 2021 from D&T Publishing: “It’s All Fun and Games Until Somebody Dies.” I’m excited about this one, it’s a fresh-concept I found challenging to write! Working off the theme of “favorite childhood games,” submissions needed to be original in terms of the story. My story, “The Contract” will be included along with some amazing authors in this anthology. https://amz.run/4Mx1

Work in progress: Includes my first original novel, “27 Delavan Lane”

AUTUMN and a bit of an update…

It finally feels there’s a snap in the air here in South Texas, the photo is of a creek in my back 40. It’s been too long, but I DO have a “good excuse, besides the fact that tech takes me forever to wrangle. I’ve been working super-hard for weeks and months at my writing, […]

Hope your Summer is off to a fabulous start!

It feels great navigating life again. I’ve allowed myself a small “break from the crazy” to re-charge a bit before an upcoming trip, but I’m gearing up for what promises to be an exciting remainder of 2021.. I have a couple of “by invitation” projects working for later this year I’m very excited about, I’ll […]

Hello June

It’s been an unusual Spring here in South Texas to say the least. Weekly storms, some severe, easing back into “life” whatever it looks like now, and much excitement in my little writing corner. June is my “birthday month” as the kids say, grateful for more time with all I love. I continue to work […]