AUTUMN and a bit of an update…

It finally feels there’s a snap in the air here in South Texas, the photo is of a creek in my back 40. It’s been too long, but I DO have a “good excuse, besides the fact that tech takes me forever to wrangle. I’ve been working super-hard for weeks and months at my writing, […]

Hope your Summer is off to a fabulous start!

It feels great navigating life again. I’ve allowed myself a small “break from the crazy” to re-charge a bit before an upcoming trip, but I’m gearing up for what promises to be an exciting remainder of 2021.. I have a couple of “by invitation” projects working for later this year I’m very excited about, I’ll […]

Hello June

It’s been an unusual Spring here in South Texas to say the least. Weekly storms, some severe, easing back into “life” whatever it looks like now, and much excitement in my little writing corner. June is my “birthday month” as the kids say, grateful for more time with all I love. I continue to work […]

Good Witches and Good Things

Greetings! I have much to share, Spring in Texas brings green fields and fabulous projects! April 13,2021, my story “The Crisscross Girls” is included in this intriguing and diverse anthology from Curious Blue Press. Edited by J.D. Horn, a respected author and wonderful editor. You’ll meet my young Texas water witch, “Birdie Montrose”and other spellbinding […]

Let the Games Begin…

My story, “The Contract” was such a fun one to write. A bit of a challenge as the submission guidelines presented by D&T Publishing (and you do need to heed the guidelines) didn’t allow for any relatable connection to an already existing game of any kind. The originality of the theme intrigued me, and the […]

Excited for the New Year!

Coming soon! Most of us would probably prefer not to revisit 2020, but I’m looking forward to the new year with a fresh outlook. Although many things have changed and continue to be fluid, it’s also been a great time to reflect and reconsider what truly gives us satisfaction in our lives. Don’t wait to […]

Latest Work

Now available on Amazon and I’m really excited about this one! The first “Books of Horror Community Anthology 1” released earlier in the year has over 50 positive reviews and I predict this edition will also do well! RJ Roles/Jason Myers of Crimson Pinnacle Press offered the initial book as an opportunity for some of […]