The Summer of relentless heat…

I could begin by using the excuse that’s it’s simply been too damn hot here at the ranch in Texas to do much of anything besides sip cool drinks, move slowly from air conditioning to air conditioning, and relax in chilly water troughs.

Well, maybe the last part is a stretch, but in spite of my lack of updates on this site, I HAVE been working my butt off most of the Summer, and am finally taking the time for a chat.

After 2.5 years, and all the “recommended precautions,” Covid finally bit me hard in late June. I’m still struggling with respiratory crud, but grateful for good care, and the ability to recoup. My fabulous writing partner, Natasha Sinclair, who lives in Scotland, ALSO contracted the cootie, and we’ve been a fine mess together, thousands of miles apart. But, we’re making solid progress on our manuscript for “Delevan House” and in spite of setbacks, we’re ridiculously excited about the project! Or Zoom meetings are screenplay worthy!

I’ve elected not to do any “open calls” (submitting work for possible publication at random) for the foreseeable future. After quite a few stories featuring in successful anthologies, I’m focusing on our collaboration and a few invitationals.I also have novels contracted for 2023: there will be a full-length novel sequel to “The New Girls’ Patient” along with Book I and possibly Book II of the “Delevan House” series. I also have another novel in the works. Needless to say, I’m happily booked for a while.

I do have a couple of amazing releases to share! The first is an anthology I’m very proud to be a part of. “The Avarice” published by D&T Publishing LLC. features seven of the best female-voices writing in the genre. All proceeds will be donated to the Mary Wollstonecraft Scholarship, sponsored by the HWA, and awarded to female and female-identifying authors.This charity project is the first in a planned series of seven, based on The Seven Deadly Sins. The stories of “Greed” in this one are absolutely amazing, and again, I’m honored to be included.

The next is an anthology of end of Summer scares, and it’s a juicy one! With an amazing lineup of authors, and a memorable foreward by Richard Chizmar, “Dead Heat” published by Crimson Pinnacle Press, is perfect reading for the beginning of spooky-season!

I can’t promise frequent updates on this, my personal pages, but, we ARE diligent about updating the home of “Delevan House” at Brazen Folk Horror! Managing social media is a full time job, as many can confirm.

Natasha and I share our progress, tidbits, mayhem, and more, and there’s MUCH to come regarding this incredible tale we’re weaving. It’s rich with original characters, a setting like no other, obscure Scots mythology, and the imaginations of two authors who are having the time of their lives crafting a memorable story! “Delevan House” is defined by gothic atmosphere and unsettling folk horror.

Be sure to sign up for new content and announcements, we’re stirring up some FABULOUS plans!

Wishing y’all cool breezes, and cozy nights watching the stars, I’m off for a much-needed change of scenery. There’s something about writing while perched on the top of a mountain that adds character to any work in progress!

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