Spring…the weight is lifting, but the pressure is on!

Trying to keep a site updated is a full-time job, if you’re self-taught, like me.

Not my strong suit.

MANY good things are happening, and like most, getting back into the swing of what used to be a “normal routine” has been a challenge. It’s always a balancing act, but so much has changed, personally and professionally.

Life on the ranch is calm most days, but my writing schedule looks very different for 2022 and beyond. Not less, just better and more expansive projects, now that I have a bit of a publishing foothold.

My novella “The New Girls’ Patient” has exceeded personal expectations in terms of readers and reviews. Honored and grateful that so many have enjoyed my sordid little tale of survival, and want MORE of “Jamie Carver’s” story! I can’t share details yet, but I will say that you haven’t visited “Crees Crossing,” the town full of dark secrets, for the last time.

I’m working on an incredible collaboration novel with a dear friend, and extraordinary author who lives in Scotland, Natasha Sinclair. AKA “Clan Witch,” and she is a gorgeous force of nature! We’re gearing up and diving head first into a story ripe with the sorcery, mayhem, and folkloric mythology we both love.

This is a process and major project, but we’re both seasoned, and I’m excited about this one! We’re already chatting about sequels, releases, and formats, and we haven’t even finished yet!

Publisher is yet to be decided, but we will “go far and wide” with “Delevan House.”

I also have a solo novel working, and I’m giddy about the concept behind it. Yet again, we are living in fragile times, and I’m crafting a female character you haven’t seen the likes of yet. Monsters come in all shapes and sizes!

I’m heading to Stokercon, the HWA’s (Horror Writer’s Association) major convention in Denver, CO. next week and cannot WAIT! The classes, panels, sessions, and conversations promise to be life-changing, and although I am a bit apprehensive as a “newbie,” I’m hoping to come away with fresh perspectives and positive influences. I’m also attending the “pre-party” at the infamous “Stanley Hotel” in Estes Park the night before formalities begin, and this charity event promises to be memorable!

Time goes by faster than ever, and I’ve already booked a table and reserved a room for the 2023 “Scares That Care Authorcon” in Williamsburg, VA. This will be my first “signing and selling” event, and am thrilled to be able to meet so many of the folks I chat with daily. This year’s recent event was a SMASHING SUCCESS, and tables sold out insanely-fast. I cannot wait!

I’ll say “see ya’ soon” with a link to Natasha’s novella releasing next week. I had the immense honor of writing a forward for her seething and brilliant story of “Bella” who is the “Asylum Daughter.” It’s damn tough to offer words that reflect the talents and soul of one you admire immensely.

Her skilled writing and riveting story will bring you to tears of anger combined with a sigh of relief. Sometimes, we do get to exact the deserved revenge on those who wrong us.


Pre-order available now on Amazon, and other platforms, it releases this week!

Advance review by the wonderful Heidi Hess.

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