My first solo novella JUST released on Amazon in e-book and paperback.

Early reviews have been positive and exciting, and I’m delighted!

Many thanks to everyone who has read, commented, and reviewed so far, I value my reader’s opinions.

Also posted on Goodreads, if you like to add.

Jamie Carver is an inexperienced young woman eager to change her life.
Recently certified in nursing, she’s the new girl working at a rural facility for the elderly.
When her favorite patient dies, she leaves Jamie a handwritten recipe book.
Dark secrets of Elizabeth’s life hide between the pages.
One evening, a pair of dangerous men intent on learning Elizabeth’s secrets to steal her fortune, brutally abduct Jamie and two friends.
They trap the women in the cellar of a crumbling mansion, where the trio must unravel a shocking family history before sunrise or die.
Can Jamie rely on her friends, or will she resort to calling on unnatural forces to stay alive?

“Gritty, dark, and unflinching, Ruthann Jagge’s The New Girl’s Patient brings a new, compelling voice to the long tradition of Texas horror! You can feel every word. She could be Tobe Hooper’s even more depraved sister!”

-John Palisano, Bram Stoker Award-Winning author of Ghost Heart, President of The Horror Writers Association 

“Ruthann Jagge’s “The New Girl’s Patient” is an unrelenting journey into rural horror with no brakes applied from beginning to end.Both brutal and poignant, it delivers terror and unabashed emotion in equal measure.A riveting and unforgettable tale by a true lady of the genre.”

-Ronald Kelly, Author of Fear, The Essential Sick Stuff, and The Saga of Dead-Eye series

“There’s a fierce new voice in the shadowy landscape of horror. Jagge unleashes a tale that rips at the reader’s defenses and burrows within their psyches in a manner few newer writers accomplish. THE NEW GIRL’S PATIENT gnaws like the best horror, starting slow as the reader is immersed in Jamie Carver, a nurse for the elderly. She soon finds herself in an ordeal where a recipe book factors into her survival while attempting to solve the predicament she finds herself in. Comparisons will be plenty but one thing is clear: Ruthann Jagge knows how to serve up the darkness in brutal fashion. A writer whose work is definitely one to follow.”

-David Simms Author of Fear The Reaper.
Reviewer for Cemetery Dance, Monster Librarian, and Publishers Weekly.

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