New Year, new work…

Like most of us, my days aren’t as defined. I have to remind myself it’s a New Year, one without resolutions, but full of hope.My calendar revolves around “have to do’s” and life’s obligations, but they do help me remember what day it is, most of the time.

2021 was the year I spent learning and practicing the craft of writing, and I worked damn hard.Learning the in’s and out’s of publishing at any level is serious business, and there are many layers to the process. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have some amazing friends who’ve helped in in many ways, and I’m grateful every day for their support.

My stories have been published in quite a few successful anthologies and collections, and I’ve worked with wonderful publishers, editors, and authors, who inspire me to no end. This year will look a bit different.

My first solo novella releases this month, “The New Girls’ Patient, from D&T Publishing,LLC. It’s a short piece of work, but the early reviews have been extremely positive, and I’m delighted this dark little tale of a young woman’s strength and survival hits all the high notes with readers. The minute I saw the gorgeous cover art designed by Don Noble, I knew it told my story without saying a word, and I love it!

No one can prepare you for the emotions when you see your name on a cover for the first time, it’s exhilarating and terrifying. I will be focusing on sending out this novella into the wild world of readers with love and again, gratitude, I’m fortunate to have so many who believe in me and support my efforts.

I’m also focusing on longer work this year, with plans for two novels; a solo story I have outlined, I’m dying to write, and an incredible collaboration-novel with a friend who brings out the best in my imagination. I’ve enjoyed doing several live interviews, and do have more scheduled for this year, I need to figure out “how” to add them to this site, and will when time allows.

I do intend to update here more frequently as well, until then, stay safe and well!

“The New Girls’ Patient” Releases January 28,2002 (will post updated links)

2 thoughts on “New Year, new work…

  1. The 28th is tomorrow, how exciting! (p.s. I sent you an email.) My 2022 has started off with a hiccup writing-wise. We’re in the middle of a move from Virginia to Texas, and I underestimated how BUSY I’d be. But once we’re all settled, it should be easier to write again!


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