AUTUMN and a bit of an update…

It finally feels there’s a snap in the air here in South Texas, the photo is of a creek in my back 40.

It’s been too long, but I DO have a “good excuse, besides the fact that tech takes me forever to wrangle.

I’ve been working super-hard for weeks and months at my writing, and am finally writing the last project of 2021. It’s for an invitational-anthology that’s sure to be sensational!

I wanted to use more life-imposed downtime to build a body of work as it were, and I am humbled so much has  worked in my favor. Everything is fluid and changing in the writing and publishing world, as it seems to every day in recent months.Going forward into 2022, I will be focused on a solo novel, inspired by a viewer’s question during an interview, and an exciting collaboration with a stunning author/friend in Scotland. I am giddy about both projects, they are very different, and will allow me to indulge in research (which I LOVE) as well as designing strong characters who eventually become some of my best friends, even if they’re questionable in nature.

This means less and more conversely.

Fewer stories but more words to write. I’ve been incredibly fortunate with the folks I’m connected to in all areas of this craft, and if I never published again, I can say seeing your imagination in print, being read and hopefully, enjoyed by others, is one of the most incredible feelings anyone could have. 

However, I DO intend to continue working even harder and learning from some of the best. 

As soon as my current project wraps up, I will be gearing up for my solo novella release in January 2022.

“The New Girls’ Patient” will be published by D&T Publishing, LLC. They are a wonderful brand/ team to work with, in all areas. I have some interesting plans for the pre-release, and I look forward to sharing this little tale with everyone.

I also have three stories in amazing anthologies releasing this month, and two more “invitational” projects releasing in December.  

I plan on a fresh look, easier engagement and management of social media, and bigger intentions and dreams to come! 

I’m registered and booked for the impressive “StokerCon”writer, film, and educational conference in Denver May 2022 and I cannot wait! 

The event includes workshops, panels, and so much more offered by some of the best in the world, and I sure hope life settles enough to enjoy by Spring.

I’m confident that it will 🙂

The month of October/Autumn is my heart. Everything about this glorious season of change insinuates the most lovely time of rest and a chance to reinvent everything or nothing with the most expectant of intentions for better days to come!  

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