Hope your Summer is off to a fabulous start!

It feels great navigating life again.

I’ve allowed myself a small “break from the crazy” to re-charge a bit before an upcoming trip, but I’m gearing up for what promises to be an exciting remainder of 2021..

I have a couple of “by invitation” projects working for later this year I’m very excited about, I’ll be sharing pages with some amazing authors I truly admire! Writing also continues a couple of other open-call submissions as well as work on my first full length novel. I hope to publish this one next year, “God willin’ and the creek don’t rise” as the natives say here in Texas.

I want to share the link to an amazing experience I had recently, I was interviewed along with my friend Erik “E.C” Hanson for The Chris Roberts Show. Eric has a novel publishing in August, I’ve reviewed an advance copy and cannot wait until it’s released!

Chris broadcasts from near London and his podcast is geared towards “Writing for Writers.”He’s a total professional, engaging and kind, and I really enjoyed exchanging inspiration, process, thoughts about writing and publishing, and a bit of humor with these two great guys. We weathered storms and he connected TX, CA, and London without too many issues on Zoom.

Click the link below to listen:


Erik has much more experience, but our opposite styles in the way we approach our writing resulted in an interesting conversation, expertly edited and narrated by Chris Roberts.

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