Hello June

It’s been an unusual Spring here in South Texas to say the least. Weekly storms, some severe, easing back into “life” whatever it looks like now, and much excitement in my little writing corner.

June is my “birthday month” as the kids say, grateful for more time with all I love.

I continue to work almost daily at this satisfying, challenging, and some days downright exhausting craft, always grateful for the sensational folks I meet along the way. They sure help not only with the many layers attached to the process, but also as a much-appreciated support system like no other. The community connected to this genre is simply the best!

I have some exciting news, well, a lot of news actually.

The contract has been signed for my first solo novella titled “The New Girls’ Patient” to be published in January, 2022 by D&T Publishing. I could not be more delighted to be working with Dawn Shea and her team, they are total pros and it’s sure to be a fabulous experience! Lots more to come about this.

One of the coolest projects I’ve been involved in releases Friday June 4,2021. “Fairy Tale Horrorshow” published by Crimson Pinnacle Publishing, (RJ Roles/Jason Myers editing) might be the most fun to date I’ve had while writing an original story! I was blown away when I read the ARC (advance reader copy, typically in un-edited form) by the creativity, wild-imaginations, and downright coolness of the dark re-tellings of classic fairy tales created by some the best voices in the genre. I am delighted to have my story “Midnight at the Glass Slipper” included. My version of “Cinderella” is named “Elly Cynders” and the incredible talents of artist and PR guru Mar Garcia brought her beautifully to life for me with a few strokes of her pen! You don’t want to miss meeting her and her “family,” some are interesting to say the least. (She’s pictured above in her blue corset)

I’m fortunate to be connected to some wonderful folks and publishers. By invitation, I’ll have a story included in the ever so talented Staci Layne Wilson’s upcoming anthology inspired by 3 eras of Rock Music!

Her “Rock and Roll Nightmares” series will include the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and my story: “Tiny Danger: Demon Seamstress for the Band,” (Tiny Dancer inspired) gave me lots of reasons to get lost for quite a few hours in “research” regarding the wonderful styles and song references of the 70’s.

Staci is a multi-layered, gorgeous, redheaded-force of nature in writing, film making, editing, and publicity, and I’m so delighted to be in her circle. She’s incredibly cool and pro in all she creates!


There are a couple of other HUGE projects I will be included in, simmering for the Fall of 2021. The contracts have been signed, and I’m honestly giddy about what’s coming.

More regarding these soon, but I am literally in awe of the authors I will be honored to share pages with.

I’m planning to focus more energy on the “back end of the biz” in the next few weeks, with a fresh site with a newsletter option, and more engagement and involvement in this crazy world of writing and publishing. I’m “trying to” be better at using social media as the positive tool it can be as well.

I’d much rather be writing but exposure is part of it all as well.

I’m behind in my personal reading but hope to get back on track soon. It’s a blessing/curse to have so many amazing books at my fingertips, written by authors I know and enjoy. I’m taking my first 2-week vacay in July, it’s been too long, and I’m hoping to shock fellow passengers on the plane with my choices of reading material. Nothing like a cover with dripping fangs to get a rise out of the less interesting among us 🙂

I’d like to mention my friend Candace Nola.

Not only does she check in on my antics and attempts almost daily, she’s also making a formidable name as an author, editor, reviewerand interviewer. Her Saturday night updates and interviews are full of info, giveaways, and you can also find her valuable resource for writers on her GORGEOUS and comprehensive “Uncomfortably Dark” site:


Will update again soon, stay well, get out and have some fun, and here’s to our collective best Summer ever!

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