Good Witches and Good Things


I have much to share, Spring in Texas brings green fields and fabulous projects!

April 13,2021, my story “The Crisscross Girls” is included in this intriguing and diverse anthology from Curious Blue Press. Edited by J.D. Horn, a respected author and wonderful editor. You’ll meet my young Texas water witch, “Birdie Montrose”and other spellbinding individuals in Good Southern Witches.

I’ve been working hard in a few directions but the nature of writing and publishing, much like life in general, tends to be all or next to nothing so I’m putting in lots of effort this month! I’ve also been fortunate for continued support from more than a few in the industry mentioned below.

Scheduled for a May 28th release, I have another story featured in the sure to be fun Volume 3 of the popular “The ABC’s of Terror” series coming from the always exciting folks at D&T Publishing. Dawn and team are making a big splash in the publishing world with some impressive author-signings and projects planned well into 2022. I had lots of laughs joining fellow authors on their “D&T After Dark” podcast for the “It’s All Fun and Games Until Somebody Dies” anthology.

Also coming later in May, by invitation, my subverted-retelling of the classic fairytale “Cinderella” will be included in “Fairytale Horror Show” from Crimson Pinnacle Press. RJ and his team accepted my first professionally-submitted story for inclusion in the Best Selling “Books of Horror Community Anthology Volume I and I’m forever grateful. With well over 100 positive reviews on Amazon, it’s destined to be a classic.

The Horror Writers Association organization for professional writers, recently accepted me as an “Affiliate Writer” and I’m delighted! One of my initial goals was to publish and be paid as a pro for eligibility according to their guidelines.This 25 year old, respected community offers an incredible level of support and opportunity and also sponsors the coveted “Stoker Award,” one of the highest honors for work in the genre. I don’t know of an author who wouldn’t love to be awarded one. I’m hoping to gain membership as an “Active Writer” by the end of this year.

Uncomfortably Dark” is the gorgeous home site of Candace Nola, an author and reviewer. She offers detailed and thoughtful reviews on books from established as well as up and coming authors. Explore her seductive site, you’ll find myself along with several other incredible female-authors Candace interviewed for February’s “Women In Horror” month. Her recent five-star review of “Good Southern Witches” made my day! She’s also a brilliant author, her “Breach” series is a delicious dive into an urban- fantasy realm that has her readers begging for more!

Staci Lane Wilson’s fabulous and immersive “Women in Horror” site showcases her impressive body of work as an author, filmmaker, interviewer, and reviewer. She also features movie and book reviews that include some of the best voices female in the dark speculative/horror genre today! I am an occasional reviewer, soon to be contributing author, and always fan of all this beautiful lady produces. Very few work harder!

I completed an immersive month long mentorship with the formidable publishing house Crystal Lake Publishing. In spite of rare South Texas snowstorms causing a loss of power and tech, Joe Mynhardt and his respected staff, offered me a learning experience nothing short of a Master Class in the do’s, don’t, professional, and emotional levels of writing and publishing. I am grateful to Joe, Ben Eads, and Monique Snyman for their consideration and for sharing SO much of their experience with me.

A little secret: my story publishing in “Good Southern Witches” had good bones but was rejected twice. I learned to edit, polish, and craft a MUCH better and fascinating story through the course of this mentorship. It was accepted shortly after. If you’re serious about improving your skills, I highly recommend this opportunity for mentorship!

I have a couple more overnight writing sessions to finish out the month of April, I like it when my 100 year old farmhouse is dark and mostly peaceful. I’m putting the final touches on two novellas and my first original novel is insisting that I focus and complete it

Always happy to share a dark corner with you!

“Birdie Montrose” drawn by Mar Garcia.
You’ll find her story in “Good Southern WitchesAvailable at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your favorite indie bookseller!

2 thoughts on “Good Witches and Good Things

  1. What a fantastic update!! Thanks for sharing — very inspirational! And it’s only the first quarter of 2021 – more exciting things to come as the year progresses, I have no doubt. Congrats on all fronts Ruthann! 🖤


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