Let the Games Begin…

My story, “The Contract” was such a fun one to write. A bit of a challenge as the submission guidelines presented by D&T Publishing (and you do need to heed the guidelines) didn’t allow for any relatable connection to an already existing game of any kind. The originality of the theme intrigued me, and the sensational stories featured in this anthology from the darkly- creative minds of some exceptional authors are sure to delight! I’m thrilled to be included.


“Each episode of, “The Contract” began with teasing glimpses of the glorious prizes hidden behind heavy red curtains, opened and closed seductively by two gorgeous young women dressed in sparkling black outfits. Large, glossy, photos of happy winners surrounded the stage, all of them obviously enjoying their amazing prizes!
A live orchestra in a pit off to one side of the stage played the theme song repeatedly, and at the conclusion of each show, the name of the next fortunate contestant was announced on a screen in big red letters. The host of the show, an imposing man with white hair named, “Mr. Mordant,” wore expensive suits paired with a red silk tie, to accentuate his perfect ceramic smile. He strolled out slowly, waving to no one in particular, as he made his way to the center of the stage. In his hand was an oversized red envelope containing, “The Contract.” The nightly contestant was waiting for him on the stage, seated in an ornate gold gilt chair with a plush red seat, resembling a throne. There was no audience except the one glued to their screens.”

Available now on Amazon in e-book and paperback, stunning retro-cover by Don Noble. https://amz.run/4Mx1

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