Excited for the New Year!

Coming soon!

Most of us would probably prefer not to revisit 2020, but I’m looking forward to the new year with a fresh outlook. Although many things have changed and continue to be fluid, it’s also been a great time to reflect and reconsider what truly gives us satisfaction in our lives. Don’t wait to do what you love! I’m a creative, so that means spending time doing just that; creating. In the kitchen cooking, (home-made pasta you’re up next!) designing and cutting into fabric in my sewing studio, or investing in my ability to tell a story with more depth of character and professionalism, I’m here for it all in 2021!

I have some exciting projects in the works, along with new stories coming soon. Just to confirm: not everything I write is accepted and going forward, I’m aligning with some amazing professionals to improve my writing skills. I’m “self-taught” for the most part in everything I enjoy, which can present some advantages, I’m a sponge for knowledge, but also leaves gaps in what I “should know” for presentation of my work to the world.

I’m taking a class with a noted author I admire in the horror genre in Jan. and in Feb., I will be undertaking a mentorship with a publishing house that defines my idea of the “gold standard” in the industry. This will mean a considerable time investment and no doubt, a few tears due to my, “terrible on a good day” rural cattle ranch tech, but I’m giddy with anticipation at the chance to learn, it’s been a while!

Meeting and sharing with the connections I’ve made in the past year since I began writing, has also been a saving grace for me. It’s a pleasure to know folks that not only tell incredible stories in the dark speculative fiction genre but who are also are genuine and caring individuals who “get” why we write as we do. Our Zoom conversations often explode in ideas and laughter, and I consider some to be among my very best friends.

I also enjoy doing reviews for Staci Lane Wilson on her, “Women in Horror” website. Staci is well known as an author, journalist, and filmmaker, most recently producing a documentary on her Father, one of the original musicians in the musical group, “The Ventures.” Her website is stunning and comprehensive, focusing on the “female-power” in a genre she writes and does film work in as well.


So here’s to our collective, “Best Yet to Come” and I for one intend to make this year count!

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