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Now available on Amazon and I’m really excited about this one! The first “Books of Horror Community Anthology 1” released earlier in the year has over 50 positive reviews and I predict this edition will also do well! RJ Roles/Jason Myers of Crimson Pinnacle Press offered the initial book as an opportunity for some of us to actually be published and many, including myself, have never looked back! I will always be grateful to them as authors, publishers, and friends.

I’m honored and delighted to have my story, “Plain Jane” included with some notable authors and other exceptional talents fresh to the genre. These short stories offer something for all readers and the variety of subjects and terrors is amazing! “Plain Jane” is a rather dark and cautionary tale: most of us have wondered “what” it would be like to be considered exceptional in appearance but would we be willing to pay the price if we could have the experience?

2020 has given us all many challenges that no one could imagine but one of the best things to happen is the incredible array of books and interesting authors arriving on the market, notably in the horror-genre. More time and inclination to read and write and all of us who love books benefit!

I’m working on several submissions currently also on my first full-length novel as well. I love the originality of short story themes and plan to continue submitting my work, always grateful for the relationships and opportunities that come my way.

Books of Horror Community Anthology 2 is available now on Amazon in e-book and paperback form:

If you enjoy these delicious and devious tales, I’d love it if you’d consider leaving a review, and most of all, stay safe and well!


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